Welcome dear visitor, as you have stumbled onto Selena's trading collective! I'm also known as the rabid Adonis stan for all that is holy, because we love and stan an underrated king... Here you can view all the TCGs I'm a member of! I'm quite friendly and have no problem with random trades, helping out with trade meters, and the like. A general rule of thumb with me is: if I have cards you want don't be shy, please send me a trade! Thanks for visiting, lovely ♥

This layout is aptly titled strawberry dreams, because pink is the best color and strawberries are the best fruits. These are the only correct answers in life, change my mind. (You can't.)

Host: Nina
Layout: Vashuron
Image: Maneki Kamiya
Favicon, Cursor: Whimsical
Box Set Mod: Rizu
Modified Card Search: Daggles + Rizu
Sakura Petal Script: Timo Schaefer